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When it comes to information technology it is imperative the information in question is not only correct but delivered timely. To this end, reliability truly is the ''be all and end all''. Planning is most often overlooked in a desire to have the newest technologies now and/or save money and this fatal oversight will bring about spiraling costs and possibly even production downtime.

From bespoke software to enterprise collaboration, RAID and cluster technologies to network area storage or storage area network. What does all this mean?
Okay relax, there is no need for you to become an information technology expert just so your company can send and receive email. As a small business specialist of many years experience I can not only cut through all the jargon for you, I cut through costs too, dramatically!

I have watched in dismay Microsoft's decline since the stepping down of Bill himself. Microsoft has always been famous for ''bloatware'' but it is getting worse now that datamining is becoming an effective tool for big businesses worldwide. Trends such as social media are demanding ever more complex systems for tech hungry young people to work with each others devices seamlessly. Microsoft foolishly chose to follow Apple after the success of their iPad device and dedicated their operating system to the functionality of a tablet!?! This introduced the Metro interface to Windows 8, a software component that was so rushed they were even going to be sued for the use of the name by German retail giant Metro AG. Even server 2012 has Metro, my server is a bit big for the train...
With the ending of their small business server product Microsoft decided it is too much for a small business to run their own server. (too much time required for Microsoft to support small businesses more like it) Their thinking is go with hosted Exchange and be done with it. BUT Microsoft is not a small business. If it were it would worry about handing over control of IT to a multi-national corporate that is storing your data where? in datacentres outside of EU legislation? They would worry about a virus putting them in breach of usage agreements with their hosted Exchange provider and shutting down their entire e-business. They would worry about price rises on a per mailbox pricing model, what will it be this year, next year, five years from now?

The alternative? Actually there are many. Most do involve the Linux operating system with a command line interface that scares people, but Linux is not really scary it's a penguin. :-) What you should bear in mind is the client PC's would stay familiar Windows eliminating training requirements. I actually like Windows 10, it is Windows 8 finished properly and working. Your server environment would be replaced by free GNU licensed enterprise software. I also recommend leasing your servers in a high bandwidth location such as a UK datacentre. This is now so cost effective it is cheaper than buying. That noisy old dusty server in a cupboard is a thing of the past.

A quick peek at cost cutting shows no upfront server hardware cost saving around three thousand pounds. How much did you pay Microsoft for your last upgrade and licenses? 2K, 3K? more? Add that to the three thousand. As you can see we are talking very substantial sums of money you could be saving now that LINUX IS READY.

Linux has been in development for a long time now and it is pretty much there server side, certainly its core functionality is simply superior. All of the different elements of Linux software are developed with the ethos, ''do one thing and do it well'' eliminating the build up of bloatware and workarounds. This modular approach makes the server stay configured, once configured for the entire useful life of the server.

If you run a small to medium size enterprise and would like to save literally thousands of pounds on your next IT upgrade, please contact me ( Jarrod at Time permitting I will happily discuss your IT needs and formulate a tailored solution based on those needs built on a soilid dependable reliable platform.