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My name is Jarrod Robinson, I am a very highly skilled systems engineer of almost twenty years experience. My primary interests have been planning, deploying and supporting IT infrastructures for this time. Secondary interests include software development along with database and web technologies.
I am semi autistic, I believe Asperger syndrome although I am not formerly diagnosed. Computers came as a welcome addition to my thought patterns once I saw the potential in Windows 95, I much prefer the black or white binary world of logic than the myriad of changeable greys created by non autistics to suit their own end. I wish we were all autistic! The world would be a fairer better place already, not to mention technologically a lot more advanced! :-)
I have been advised not to tell people that however my application of binary, black or white, yes or no includes emotions too. This really does easily offend people, I think it better to say before surprise.

To my alas I have been struck down by multiple sclerosis and have had to resign my job as a result of my degrading physical condition. I can no longer deliver the forty hours a week at sociable hours required for normal full time employment or reliable support. The great news is my brain still works, so seeing as MS is not fatal I may as well get on and build some things... :-)

I very much dislike capitalism as it requires taking things from others to profit. I am highly uncomfortable with that. I think mankind does not really like capitalism, publicly successful capitalists like Bill Gates for example, need to over help others to make up for what they have taken. Is it vanity? Vanity is greed, do you know? There is a Kid Rock pro capitalist song that reveals this inherent guilt with a question: "And I make this money, this money is me, this money is everything I do and see. Who you to judge me?" The major flaw of human rationality? It pretends not to see the horror and death at the end of the schemes it creates*.
The alternative? I wish I knew the answer. Our shortcomings are greed and knowledge. How do you control greed and inspire people to learn like their very existence depends on it? This whole crazy world is just too frustratin'...
Money is not my objective, like Sherlock I get bored easily and need a case. Will this website get me one? Unlikely but I gotta 'aggle. Are you a small to medium size enterprise that would like to not have to give Microsoft money for your server side computing needs? Would you like to take advantage of a wide choice of alternative groupware and collaboration software? If so get in touch...

I am now semi-retired and work closely with trusted partners to deliver the ongoing end user support for my reliable technology. Much as I am more than happy that the technology server side is reliable, end users will still need technical support for their client access devices, Someone to phone when their PC's, laptops, tablets or phones are not working. My most trusted partner is my ex employer Contec Enterprises Ltd I Can't recommend them enough unless you prefer off-shore call centres?

I also collect Zippo lighters, I consider the pocket lighter one of mankind’s most important technological advances, mobile fire. Unlike the original invention, a highly volatile hydrogen fuelled, platinum catalytic ignition lighter. The Naphtha fuelled flint ignition Zippo is undoubtedly the world’s most reliable lighter. See my collection here:

*Stolen from a film about a man lost. Cosmopolis 2012