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Get a house to see out my days... No wait, stairs will be a problem when I get old. Bungalow then...

Plan all you like! Your perrfect plan is miles away from an available carer. We need you to move...

Why does it all need reforming? Can we not shape it right in the first place? That's how it works, What works? The falsely layered documentation is far too layered now! Been out in the world and climbed to high not to see! I stopped playing the game at a young age when I realised the only way I could climb high enought to forget what shit even looked like, was to create shit for others! CAN YOU SEE, yet? Plants live in the decaying waste of their forebearers! I thought we were better. When I was born, it really was all just cops and robbers. The robbers have overtaken the cops now :-( Get real cops back? Get real justice back? I'll tell mum :-D
We have computers now, we could automate said plans for all now. The government being years behind in information technology is definately not Ok

Hey there government, you must have good knowledge of IT to keep us safe from international threat. Why is this knowledge being wasted? We can make things unhackable by security model design alone. Your fear of being hackable is irational to the point of phobia. Why are you not leveraging Asperger skill for the benefit of the nation? Reliable technologies should be increasing the knowledbase of the masses!

As an example of seriously flawed security model, councils around the country are sending people what they believe is a secure electronic mail by sending it encrypted to a third party! Then to access this the intended recipient needs to create a user account at the third parties website. During this account creation the recipient has to reveal even more personal information such as their mother’s maiden name etc. This account they have just created is now hackable and contains lots of personal information! The weakest part of any security model is the fwit end user! They use the same password for instance as they do for social media or commerce sites. If this was changed so that the intended recipient applies for a client certificate from the councils own mail server, the communication could be encrypted so that ONLY the holder of the client certificate could decrypt the mail!

I am sure the third party sent a sales puke with a presentation demonstrating the encryption, they would wouldn't they, after all it is worth money to the third party! How much are you paying? One good techie per council could sort the client certificate thing for probably less and it is wholly unhackable providing the client certificate is verified as belonging to the intended recipient only! No hack possible!!! Wake up people! Consider yourself shamed sales puke, without a presentation and marketing speak. To add some marketing speak; what is the TCO of your deal that cheats local authorities?

Speaking of sales puking, I am terrible at sales and marketing :-D If anyone fancies marketing my enlightenment guidance? Please crack on! The more that are exposed to N Light Summit, the faster mankind will be saved...