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Capitalism v Communism?

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Your boxes idiots, capitalist structured communism of course!

This is a good place to explain as best I can the difference in thinking. Non autistics compartmentalize whole items into smaller components as upon reassembly it makes them believe they have structured with dimensions and therefore understand the whole item.
Autistic thinkers know there is much we do not understand and compartmentalization cannot occur because the foundation knowledge/data is not complete.

There are good and bad people. FALSE There are people only! One box not two. Everybody is capable of either good or bad to shocking extremes. Do you know the formula?

As far as I can tell non autistic thinkers box their data into organisational segments and then stack these boxes vertically whilst compounding thought. My brain space is a galaxy and each star represents an area of expertise with links to possibly relevant knowledge occuring across all stars. These stars are clustered into groups and sub-groups ie; computers -> databases or nature -> trees, for instance. My tracking systems (coping mechanisms,) are responsible for keeping the links updated and relevant. If this tracking gets interfered with like it is at the moment, then my knowledge falls behind and my universe is out of synch. Until it is back in synch I cannot be sure the data is correct. I cannot function! I get stuck in logic traps during the flow chart of thought.


You do know a welfare state is capitalist structured communism?

Unfortunately the word welfare is ignored as it costs money. The state, DWP, Social services and any other subdivision that exists to defer responsibility, treats all of its clients as failures and a burden on society. This attitude promotes its clients to be put in adversarial mode. Adversary then promotes by nature, fight or flight mode by the clients to whom this adversary is imposed.
I do understand this is useful to slim down clients that do not actually need the services as they will not fight without proof of need, and fly away instead. This method however means all of the clients that do need the services, have to fight. Even the sick, elderly or infirm that need the welfare we are told we are paying our national insurance for prior to need.
Some of those in need choose flight to avoid adversary and go home to die. We gloss over that though and pretend this does not happen. It does often.
I am tired due to illness, even making a cuppa' is hard work now. I am losing fight, I hope I will not become a victim of this culture of burden but I suspect I will. If I could swap MS with someone just wanting an easy ride and return myself to work, I would in a heartbeat.
I would definitely not swap Asperger syndrome with anyone though. You call it a learning disability because of the socially awkward thing, I personally think you all have a learning disability that promotes lies to hide your inferior logic in order to look good sociably whilst indulging your greedy desires. You can keep your lies, I is Aspie, most proud.
The word WELFARE should be given the highest priority by all intrinsically. Wake up.