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Led Zeppelin and the tuning song

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jarrod's pictureSubmitted by jarrod on Sun, 24/04/2016

If Led Zeppelin get done for coming up with an obvious riff whilst tuning their guitar on the tenth, "I will ... aging ..., blah, blah, blah" censored

Ok that was over the top, somewhat censored now :-) But I am annoyed by the attempt to steal their fame. Anybody playing with tuning a guitar or finding harmonics arrives at the riff! It does not belong to anyone individually. Stairway to heaven should not be belittled over this, it is a much bigger song than the little tuning riff in contention! Do be real people please?

23/06 Kewl, logic won...

14/09 If you read this Jimmy Page, you have seen me. We shared a nod during your appearance on Jools Holland last night :-) I was the guy in a wheelchair wearing a green stetson «}:-) I consider you a living legend, I am sure many agree. It was truly a great honour to be in your presence. I like the bootleg rescue story :-D