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Submitted by jarrod on Fri, 15/01/2016 - 04:38

I wish I could help you see,
Just how much you mean to me.

You mean the earth you really do,
I hope one day, to win your heart,
For now, I'll tell you, I love you,
I know no better place to start.

Oh love of mine, I know life gets tough,
and effects occur for every cause,
but love can conquer all this rough,
and release the damned and endless pause.

Forgive yourself of what you cannot tell,
I wish you happiness, I wish you well.

I would love you for my wife, of this I've made no secret.
But in consideration, of any future regret:
I want you happy through and through,
and wish of nothing that would see you blue.

I will forgive you, of even your darkest sin,
You can bet I've thought of it, I think of everything.

I still feel like that stable boy, in majestic awe of you princess.
I guess the part time toy, and entire secrecy compounds this.
At first the secrecy excited me,
then that progressed, frustrated me,
and now?
And now I know, it keeps you free.

I wish no more, to capture this from you,
I have grown older, wiser, enough to see.
One of many reasons, I love you,
is that air, that fire, that spirit free?

I would like to go back to open, direct, communication,
twas after all, what our relationship was based upon.
Moreover, I will leave you with your freedom
A trapped Canary sings not her song.

The best of lives I wish for you,
at my expense, is of no cost
Because, quite frankly, without you, lost...

I would give my life for you,
just ask and kiss me, for sure I'll do.
Be it death or not, I will valiant arise,
and meet, wide eyed, my fated demise.

This ends my poem,
I hope it goes to help you see,
that of this day today, and past times too,
I see a little more, than you think I do.

Please love me...

Do you see? do you see? Same poem twelve years later. Same conversation.
Linear conversations really are useless too me, do you see my frustration? I am enlightened.

Thank you so much princess for preventing me becoming homeless! I cannot provide you with the ability to have free phone calls over flaky VOIP services, sorry. I am in temporary accommodation with only a flaky BT hotspot to contend with! This flawed service cannot even handle iPlayer let alone VOIP. Your frustrations with cosmetic imperfections are one of your flaws. Frustration with phones and poor quality audio are one of mine! We are all flawed, so summit what! Hi princess :-) Come up and see me? At least you and I are not swarming.

These words though not mine, are from my heart cryin'. I love you I love you I love you I love you.
There's no other way, to better say; I love you, I love you. --,-'{@
And that's all I have to say, I love you is that Ok?