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Submitted by jarrod on Sat, 21/05/2016 - 23:30

Social media gripe;

And avoid like the plague, loud mouthed wannabe's. In it to be a face, to be a name.

They don't mean to mess up! They just do!

If no-one 'likes' what you have written you are humiliated! Why, oh why, oh why give yourself this? Twitter is described by Stephen Fry as an evil. This is because of the ability to instantly, without thought, be an angry lamer! I hate that it is the current trend for American social media to be the preferred, and sometimes only method of contact for a lot of people including British politicians and even the BBC that do not endorse brand names! Wake up!

You use OUR language incorrectly too! Flamers on American social media are not trolls! they are f'ing lamers. Trolls are professional angries that lurk in dark places (like a troll under a bridge!) They are unlikely to use the language of flamers (swearing,) this language would seriously reduce the effectiveness of their trolling!

Update 10/08/16 I have recently discovered the term/condition Pathological Demand Avoidance, I do of course want to fix the way this term is absorbed with the use of a simple comma; Pathological Demand, Avoidance. I do avoid pathological demand, I do not however pathologically avoid demand. Ironic that that is pathological of me :-D I do encourage all ASD patients and their families to read about this, it will help you make sense of things that are happening. This word sculpture is a better explanation of the cause. If the demand betters the pack then in Sherlock's words, "the game is on!". If the demand is just to fulfill criterea in a disfunctional system or to stroke the ego of someone believing they are helping, then it is a waste of my life. Why do we have to lie?

This condition does explain my bias towards social media but I do need you all to consider downgrading the importance of these platforms. Twenty Dave's down the pub and/or thirty five Robert's in the playground do not fully understand what they are talking about! If you are lucky just ten percent of the data you are consuming is actually correct! How much time do you spend on it? You learn nothing consuming incorrect data. You are wasting a lot of time. Besides, to be truly social shouldn't it be localised not internationalised? Real social behaviour reduces tensions, not adds to them. This media, although a current social phenomena, is a passing trend. A bubble we will gladly burst soon. We are incorrectly believing it is part of the Information Technology revolution. The next major step in the IT revolution is to eradicate incorrect information, trust me I'm a techie. The fundamental advantage of information technology is freedom of information! It is IMPERATIVE that the information is correct.

14/08/2016 Oh my gosh, our authorities are going to spend 1.7 million pounds as well as countless amount of hours to hunt flamers(they are wrongly calling them trolls) on social media! We do know you mean Facebook and Twitter! These platforms are earning how much? Make them verify their users physical address at their cost by snail mail, idiots! If they refuse, advise the British public not to use their service. What a waste of time and public money. Catch the real cyber-criminals, the ones stealing data for personal gain or are you too scared you might offend the worst nations at this behaviour? 1.7 million on angry lamers! Ridiculous!
I know that verifying physical addresses would seriously reduce their over inflated user count, fake accounts, dual accounts, spammers etc. Then that would make it obvious to advertisers how many users they are actually advertising to thereby reducing revenue. I am right on it being a bubble! It IS.

To add as a serious WOW moment hopefully; Have you noticed the busiest people on the planet are the ones imposing their pathological demands on others yet? why do we respect this behaviour?
Without spiraling infinitely, you can please 63.6 percent of the population most of the time, 31.8 percent will disagree. 4.6 percent will not have an opinion either way, couldn't care less, can't be bothered! Michelangelo was right on the beauty ratio! Wake up!!! Everything can be worked out beautifully.
I do not consider it a crime to simplify the ratio in this way to prevent infinite spiralling, I find it works as a rapid estimate provided 0.318 or a derivative is the primary anchor.

I was thrown out on the street at fifteen, social politics are, even though I am still not great at it, an essential skill that has kept me free of being beaten up. I am what happens when a fifteen year old Asperger patient has to fend for themselves. Could you imagine Sheldon (Big bang theory,) being homeless at fifteen? Hi :-D he he People are suprised I have a spot or two at the pub. I only have more than one because social politics mean that I am not even allowed one in a public house! :-D Alcohol taught me so much, All of my social behaviour was learned drunk and then simply remembered and copied. Autism leads to alcoholism easily for this reason. Our greater will power does enable us to quit an addiction easier than you so called neurotypicals apparently. Do give it up if it breaks the rules! I know, you know you can.
To address the fictional character Sheldon on a note of humour; Excalibur does not entitle you to rule England dude :-) To quote Monty Python "Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government" :-D Besides you would run a mile from some watery tart! Think of the germs :-D he he


I'm really enjoyinbg the theme/design of your website.
Do you ever run into any browser compatibility issues?

a number of my blog visitors have complained about my blog
not working correctly in Explorer buut lookks great in Opera.
Do you have any tips to helop ffix tnis problem?

Use a theme that is a current project. You will get browser compatibility fixes as they are needed that way.

I checked the RSS thing and only pages promoted to front page are included! Anyhow I reordered the important stuff. I did not include this page... Not important enough!!! For you to care enough, I am sure you understand why, I have out ranked this page :-D I have no current plans for a newsletter service. People can ask me anything, either publicly on any page with comments enabled or privately by email. I will answer! I enjoy fixing things :-) and I am enlightened.
I have read your page properly now Josephine, a little weird, says me :-/ :-)
Only the detached indirect selling nature sees it not removed, the information contained could be useful to someone. :-)

Due to our authorities spending huge sums for social media not policing itself, I now consider this page, front page worthy! So it is now included in the RSS feed.

You should build in natural pack exclusion methods. Not only physical address verification but some kind of naughty step procedures. True anonymity allows anger without punishment. True anonymity does not work. Your users address details do not need publishing, just the fact that their address is verified. A complain button to report angry lamers I highly recommend. This way users can prevent comments from those not address verified if they wish, as well as say three upheld complaints in the last year or two.
Developers should step up too or lose business to others deploying pack selection methods.