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Submitted by jarrod on Sat, 21/05/2016 - 21:24

It is blatantly obvious that us Aspie's would do a far fairer job of running the world tnan non autistic's* are currently doing. Are there enough of us yet? Can we fix it now? The world not only wants detente now, it needs it!

Can you adapt your current obsession to help save the world? America is proving itself idiota more and more! Every day currently! (08/16) The tensions they are trying to say exist do not past their greedy politicians rhetoric. We see this, we can see! I think the USA is embarassed that Vladimir is doing a better job of the war on terror than they are! It is not my intention to antoganate but just as physical slumber needs a shake to wake up, so mental awareness needs a jolt too. I am worried for America believing it is exceptional. Maybe they should all read animal farm seeing as they believe they are the animals that are more equal than others? To the rebellious Americans I say; We have the Internet now and everything, we can see your backyard from here! It is quite messy dudes, clean that up before you preach to us how it should be done? We are all flawed! We are all equal, so summit what!!!

Shall I start discussing Yemen or Saudi Arabia and UK involvement? The bombing of civilian protesters that our media has not reported? Our media and political propoganda are lying to us all, exposure to information is happening. I appreciate I am not in receipt of all the information but this is not an intellectual elite! If they were truly intellectual the world would be a far better place already! This is money, greed embodied! The greedies are trying to prevent their schemes being overturned. They are calling the rising awakening anti establishment sentiment or social unrest, as a way to try to belittle the ones already awake. They are too late for silly games! I know plenty of wealthy people that voted for Brexit for instance, people that crave the order of establishment. We are intent on rooting out the mega greedy! We are all awakening. Detente NOW! Please?

I am aware that Aspie's apparently do not work well as a team, as documented by non autistics! I believe this comes from our lack of patience for the typical thinker. I can't tolerate working with someone I need to repeat the same information to over and over. I also cannot trust that they could think for themselves. They cannot without error. I work easily in a team of Aspie's, just not with low memory, low CPU non autistics. Collaboration is vital.

Vladimir, if the CIA are right you are an Aspie too. This call is for all Aspie's. If you are Asperger, you are included. We are interested in improving the whole human race, not propaganda for selfish gain! Only Aspie's will have access to the AspiesUnite site!

We do not need to dominate the world! That was Hitler's mistake, we have learned from him. Moving on.. Newton would not have minded Einstein disproving his theory of gravity! It was simply enhanced by Einstein's learning. Healthcare in my life's experience, is so lacking in knowledge that we cannot let non autistics insist their inferior logic upon us. The GP education route attracted mostly greedies seeking money, seeking reputation, not clever skilled people that are primarily altruistic, that are both willing and actively seeking to share, to help all mankind! As a forty something Aspie I am acutely aware of the need for psychiatric skills to prevent insanity or suicide at forty something. Existing psychiatric services require us to think non autisticly to be helped! So no help is currently available. I am going to study psychiatry and change this. I will not insist you pretend things are alright, they are definitely not! But with honesty we can learn to tolerate sheer incompetence.

For sure, let's get IT sorted. All nations could be benefiting from technology that will keep people alive.

I am creating another site for this, please head on over to and register. This site is exclusively for Aspie's as we piss off so called neurotypicals because they cannot handle the truth! We have no interest in wasting time being polite about it (politics.)

For the benefit of young Aspie's; have you noticed you know more than your parents? More than most adults? Non autistics are seriously blagging! They do not understand the world, they are hoping no-one notices their blag! They still have the nerve to insist they know more about the world than you do. This is not true, believe me. You must of noticed how much they lie? One version for that person and another for that person? This is to preserve their phony reputation, to preserve their blag! They cannot live true for lack of memory. They believe it is everyone for themselves. They are egoistic/selfish! They believe sharing is losing! They are lacking professional experience (idiota.)
This is information I could of done with possession of at just ten years old. It would have saved me a lot of pain. I hope it being said here benefits young Aspie's and accelerates their capability to better the world.

*I do not like the term neurotypical, no such thing can possibly exist! It also suggests that non autistics are superior! Definitely not the case.


We will of course leverage information technology to its fullest! I am a highly skilled systems engineer for instance, with servers in high speed data locations geographically dispersed around the country. The IT infrastructure you can take for granted :-D

The GEEK will inherit the earth :-D

Thank you for your comment rileyzieli, I removed your direct sales link though! There are plenty of furniture commerce and enthusiast sites that would benefit from the information, it does not belong here.

Thank you too for your comment linettelys.

I am more than happy with a link to education :-) One of the three most important words for people to take away from this word sculpture. The other two words are, education and education :-D

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My advice on browser compatibility is simply to use a theme that is an ongoing project. The theme in use here is a mobile friendly one as Google now ranks this important. Your site is using Wordpress so I do not yet have a recommendation as I am testing a few. I will let you know my results when I have them though, happily.

This word sculpture is a kind of coping mechanism for me, I am hoping not to need it soon. I will be leaving it as a monument to the chaos and disorder I am being forced through. I am anticipating an end to the chaos soon. This word sculpture all though it needs a few rough edges smoothed off is almost there. It has been a journey for me that I consider important to share as Autism is not at all well understood.
I am quite simply documenting my outburst that is some sort of rebellion against chaos. In order for the world to get better for me, the world needs to be better! I am worried for it.