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Linear conversations are for wimps :-)

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Submitted by jarrod on Sun, 24/01/2016 - 00:30

People do ask me where I stand on the Queen. I say I don't of course. Polite
These words are only here for Jeremy? I do bow to honour as best I can. MS

How hard is yes or no. Can we just learn both? You really can't always get what you want. Is being polite missing out on the necessary teaspoon of cement for you to harden up? Do save your sympathy for your own devil. Make HIM lonely. K-ni-gots? Knights! Have some reverence you bastards. I know which packs my right from birth do honour and shine. For we are shamed people, hands up, fair cop. We are always forever noble souls. Would you prefer your fridge to say it is not a step? Or controlled by the power grid of bureaucracy from a trade organisation that lured us with a promise of minimal bureaucracy. We do remember us elephants. I do not believe in patriotism as a moral, that would be unprofessional of me.
But the greatest...

Why would we not take back Britain, Britain does good, everything beggining Euro sounds trashy. We stopped guns America, I need you to put Winston back, he was put there for a very special reason. LEST WE FORGET! Who are you to make that choice? When are you joining Europe? Unprofessional being patriotic, I think it is honorable instinct stuff :-/ I do find morals tricky to get right :-( So do you ...

Why are so many people thinking we would not be capable of running our own affairs better than a federal Europe? Ideas are just ideas, we are capable! We can act faster on our ideas without the shackles of extra bureaucracy!

I was originally pro Europe for the sake of world unity and global peace however this is already proved not to be helping. I am a proponent of decentralised government and being in Europe makes that goal even harder to achieve then if we were in control of our own affairs. I do want us to manage the changes ourselves rather then let someone else! Also disturbing, Britain lost a lot of lives preventing the German Aspie dominating the world! Germany dominates Europe now and extreme right wing sentiment has stayed present, as proved by rallies that have been happening in that country my entire life. There is something wrong with letting Germany dominate us, the greatest country... (Clarkson pause...) In the world! I am very happy our strongest right wing sentiment is the Tory party. :-)

Please stop calling Jihad(revenge) terrorism islamic? PLEASE?? This language incites religious hatred! Jihad terrorists are taking the law into their own hands. Extreme right wing! Nothing to do with religion past failures of education! NOTHING! I am not religious but many are. Islam, like any other religion, is not harm to others! (An amish with a tool? You know that's unheard of, but his homies agree, he really look good in black...fool :-) It is a very great shame that islam does not have a unifying leader to stand up for or condemn, acts done in its name.
Autistic of me I know but I have to add here, I before E except in weird words :-) Go weird Al, yank what you like :-D he he I know aint' aint' English but aint' it great though?
Speaking of extremist right wing I wish to update shared knowledge of the real meaning of the swastika. In more ancient races than the European continent, and I am sure the reason he chose it! In the clockwise direction as per Hitler's choice, it symbolises the circle of life. In an anti-clockwise direction these races believed it to mean death and the end of our world. The VW emblem is a modified swastika that has both clockwise and anti-clockwise directional legs thereby stopping the circle from spinning out of mankinds control. Precision engineering! Hitler was unable to precisely control the chaotic actions of others. A frustration that led to insanity. The actions of Nazi sympathisers in this modern era, shame him! I guarantee. The point of this paragraph is to highlight that we cannot control the circle of life, no matter how hard we precisely engineer things! Things will always blow over, get tripped on or fall out of cupboards. People will always stub their toe. Less precision is more harmonious, more pleasant for all. Technology will only become truly helpful once we grasp this! Stop things beeping when they do not need to, for instance. Rigid frameworks, especialy extremist, create disharmony. There is much to learn, we must all learn! Wake up. Collaboration really is, vital!

Violence begets violence! Terrorism is anti-greed! Do you see? Do you see? I so wish you did! i yes I, CAN FIX IT! Let me? Linear conversations are useless to me. When will you people see me? I see you Tory party and what you are doing now, like I already said; I am glad our strongest right wing sentiment is the Tory party! We need right wing, right now. Please don't bargain away our rights due to fear? The Commonwealth is there for us and keenly awaiting our alliance. A wise protaganist once pointed out, leaving Europe will bring us closer to the Commonwealth! Well said Adam on your second worthy mention. Third if you include teaspoon of cement :-D You aint' getting definitely or not Ok. Too common dude :-D he he Wiff Waff is coming to the world, most happy :-)

05/09/2016 I am most happy not only with Boris but the whole of the new tory party. I watched Theresa bat away the buzzing Mr Marr seeking his headline, with great professional ease yesterday. I tip my hat to you Theresa. May you live long and prosper :-D

12/09/2016 I have to say I agree wholeheartedly with selective schooling. I was expelled at just ten years old because of my hunger for more maths than the curriculum could provide me. The official reason was "I was disrupting the whole school!" This was because I was stubborn and refused to do work I had already completed. I could answer the audio maths questions before they were completed! I have an eidetic memory. Had I not been only ten I would of romped through them again and then asked for more. But I was only ten, so I childishly crossed my arms and refused to do any work. Had selective schools existed I would of been upgraded to a school that could satisfy my hunger for maths. Before an amateur teacher tried to make me repeat work I had already completed. Before the maths teacher that was astounded by my skills was sacked! I would of gone on to further education and would probably be in a position where I was helping mankind. I suspect I would be finding out how to control the Higgs boson as it fascinates me so. I do believe my mind has been wasted by the system that existed in the early eighties. I do think that what happened to me should not happen to anyone ever again. It is important to excel great minds, we will all benefit!

And to the trade organisation called Europe I emplore; If you strike us down now, we will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine! Go Alec, the real one... :-D

You pretend not to see the horror and death at the end of the schemes you create because there is too much of it to deal with! Welcome to autism amateurs! We are trying to deal for you. Anyone fancy telling me what I CAN do? Everyone is busy telling me what I can't while you leave me here in the same place not being able to eat. Not being able to do! Wait while we err... How Milligan-esque do I need to get? I really am ill. HELP? I can solve all your problems, if you read I already have! help me with mine? Quite Interesting at least? Quite Urgent for me... a kitchen Have any of us dealt with death? rhetorical Do you see? Do you see why linear conversations are useless to me! As I rush to save the world, as I rush to save me.

To address Xi and the whole of China on the Hinkley point, I know you are new to capitalism but the guaranteed price arranged in the original talks is too high. According to our political propaganda the poor voted for Brexit, meaning over half of Britain is poor? Simply untenable, simply untenable that we expose the poorest of our nation to unneccessarily high energy costs. We are keen to be involved with your nation but protecting our own citizens is more important than any claim that holding up a deal for Chinese investment is affecting relations between us! The steel dumping you are doing is putting the British steel market through undue distress, what do you think that is doing for relations between our two nations? Wake up! I will leave the finer details to our new foreign minister as a great diplomat, I am not. Diplomats have to hear us poor though it is their job. Their votes depend on it. i though, yes I have to say, really?
16/09/2016 Seeing as our government has agreed this deal for whatever reason? I have to say I am confused as to why it is agreed to increase fuel poverty! Does this bribe convince you to stop steel dumping Xi? I hope so. To anyone listening to a poor boy with decision making influence; do you want to set me to work finding a way to leverage the energy released by the radioactive waste products this technology causes? Again, I hope so.

For the record I am not a member of Anonymous! I consider their actions to be short sighted anger that is causing division. That is causing a lack of trust and even fear from non autistics as to who us Aspie's are. I repeat once again, collaboration is vital! To Mr Love, "No more secrets" is an admirable cause dude but I cannot see past you knew your aim. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime! I know you are not stupid enough to not know that. Therefore why? Oh why? Is it autistic of me to have no empathy? No more secrets, includes us dude! I will help during your time if you would like me to? Visitors up your rep! I am sure we would like each other. I simply aint' donning a mask and hacking any organisation for anyone. Why? If they coerce me to wear a wire I will tell you. I am terrible at keeping secrets :-D I do truly understand the " NO MORE SECRETS" motive, we are no longer children in the eighties anymore though dude. Is Anonymous led by greedy puppet masters? I suspect it is. We are easily exploited by greedies dude.
I have to add what a cool name dude :-) except when your wife gets pissed off with the formality :-D he he, for the sake of converstation let's call her deborah, "Deborah love..." Not very endearing :-) I only get "and here's to you Mrs Robinson," she is older than me, I like that though, funny :-)

To address the la la land politicians thinking they can plot to overthrow democracy by having a second referendum; We are still here, we would vote the same again anyway. If you even attempt to overthrow democracy you will end up with a much larger anti establishment sentiment then you have already! Your day is gone, you have not cared enough for us. The people you thought you could place where you wanted them are now more learned than you think! According to your rhetoric over fifty percent of Britain is poor! We outnumber you then? Revolution stuff! Think! Think harder than you are. :-) Waking up is not anti establishment!

I encourage everyone to watch/rewatch Yes, minister. It is as relevant today as it was when it was first released in the early eighties.

By "linear conversations are for wimps", I mean you need to read this whole word sculpture! Although it is Asperger centric, It contains imperative information(knowledge) that will save the world. f you are ready, iIt will enlighten you...

We are a nation of reputable honour, think about it. We are renowned, around the world for our tolerance of queues and rain! What happened to us? It really is all for all.

Preheat the oven A lovely dish, Chop and steam some celery, you are looking for just done around the important timing: prick the skin of two duck breasts and fry, hot pan start, skin side down for twelve minutes exactly. Do not move them, you have a heat knob. Turn over and place in the oven for a further eight minutes exactly. Feel when it is good for you, allow to rest for just under ten minutes. If you can afford quality, reduce good balsamic down to a syrup or buy it from somewhere as syrup it is nice and it is quick. When the celery has become aldente, add whole cooked chestnuts give a minute or two. Then add your warmed syrupy sweet acidity. Orgasm on a plate. Your duck is pink inside, fan for best presentation :-) Add some stuff, if you want... I wish you could of seen kitchens Arthur, they'reSorry Sir

There is no such thing as free energy, physics 101. Renewable? Horse shit! You do know the planet needs the energy you are calling renewable to cool down? what really happens when we take it? Is anybody even looking? I can't see any professional involvement. Why? Are we just gonna' wait and see wot 'appens? The monstrosities you are building to harvest the energy could be a complete waste of time. A complete waste of mans effort, Are you stupid? Renewable energy, pfghh! a phrase that is obviously a lie. Why do we have to lie? It's not helping.

To the successfully greedy, I implore. Are you making other peoples life hard because you have enough already and you are bored? Do you not like the ragged lower classes you created? they'd do anyfing for ya! THINK. To GP's, heart of the community, I implore. Why are you wasting your intelligence? Money is a representation of greed. We can devalue any currency with just three words. When do you want the pain? Now or after retirement? THINK, wake up and help.. To everyone else I implore, just think.

I have been asked for the three words that devalue any currency, it is not complicated! Not accepted here. My pub doesn't take credit. Shouldn't govern ment be handled by carers? (yeah, women)!! Lots of women. Let the men be the army and the women the nanny, bless us we do actually need one, or two or many? I don't care. Nanny, state govern ment, all the food! She would make better use of it I bet. What about the pub, darn too much fun :-(, community, please can we....

20/09/2016 Celebrity couples, really? I appreciate we are all scholars of love but aren't we over these games yet? Do we not witness them daily close to us? Are you actually interested about other peoples lives? Other peoples disharmony? Grow up! Certainly not news worthy. Scary stuff is happening at scary levels! I know you will hate me pointing this out but we are closer to world war three then we have ever been since the end of the last world war. Can we get our priorities right? Can we worry about international relations much more than a celeberity couple? The world needs all of our attention, not a well paid couple. Please wake up before we sleepwalk into disaster, please? Only people power will prevent world war three! Politics due to protectionist systems is handcuffed by its own layered systems, by money. A form of autopilot that can only be arrested by its own citizens. By the care of people. By YOUR care!

Why are us mammals refusing to believe that fat, especialy dairy fat is good for us? Please take the really bad chemically replaced low fat products of the market? Those products are exceptionally bad for us! We should trust our sense of taste and smell a lot more than we do. Ignoring it because of misinformation by marketeers is killing us. Eat a natural diet and exercise, ignore complicated wonder products. They are a lie! If you fancy tomatoes for instance, your body wants potassium. Let it have it in moderation. Don't go buying pills with that information! Tomatoes contain other things too! Sugar, the real cause of obesity, is an instinctual desire from childhood. It stops us eating poisonous berries as they are bitter. The massive over consumption of sugar is the real reason people are fat. Not fat itself! Wake up people... Type 2 diabetes is also caused by over consumption of sugars, whether it be cane sugar or the sugars contained in simple carbohydrates. Eat less sugar and you do not need pills! These pills have negative side effects like all artifical medication. We are spending money fixing the problems created by medication! It is unfortunate although inevitable that cheap food stuffs are the worse for us. Any sugar tax scheme should be carefully considered to include simple carbohydrates, white bread and potatoes to name but two obvious ones. Education from a caring government that ignores capitalist industries would seriously improve the health of all and reduce, quite dramatically, the burden of cost on public services. An age related government approved knowledgebase utilising digital technologies would not only help, I believe it to be vital. This will eventually happen but can we get on with it? NOW :-D

I know coming from an autistic this is a little creepy but genetic data, DNA. I am excited. If there is data we can change it. I get my spirituality from innocence, I only find that in animals and the select few.

You give us cigarettes in brightly coloured boxes and tell us the world will be ok if we tolerate. Then you take them away and tell us it is because we like these cigarettes in brightly coloured boxes that the world is wrong. You people are cruel! You people are lying. Up next: Smokers are to blame for oil crisis. Do keep your cars...

The health crisis is here, we have been running open exhausted combustion engines for nearly 100 years now. Will there be enough money? Of course not! We will have enough labour to deal though, if we stop starving it to death. An increasing burden is a year on year growth market. Where are the clever people? I can't see any...

A full belly and a warm bed makes everyone ready for work. Makes everyone happy, would you like to be happy? really happy? Not short term until... Really happy! EVERY day happy? World's best kept secret: You are ONLY happy sharing, it's a pack thing.

Why are we tolerating lying politicians? Reactive is not honourable, proactive IS truly honourable! Can we get on and build the fair new world now? There is no point feathering a nest in a rotten tree, the tree will fall. Are you hoping you will die before the tree falls? Are you hoping to win the lottery? Are you HOPING it will be Ok? Politicians have been lying, we have the Internet now and everything. SHARED KNOWLEDGE. Stable door, horse bolted dudes! Bye!, let's get the carers in now, yeah! Women! Smoke in moderation, it will not kill you, they are lying to you because the predicted numbers look good on the profit and loss chart. Their core data is weighted incorrectly, how can they predict anything? I stand by that to anyone! In actual fact the sterilization qualities of the hot smoke prevents colds, coughs and infections enabling smokers to live longer. Yeah, I said it. Do protect under-developed organs, (children.) There are plenty of us that can see. down with money, it is greed embodied. Damn, professional selfish liars, brave new world time. NOW

The banks are claiming that the customers moving to convenience is responsible for branch closure! So not long queues and poor customer service? Go figure! Your industry has been taking the michael for too long! Bye to you too dudes!!!

All these words are copyright the dictionary. In this order they are copyright the world. Please copy them if you like them. As with everything in life there will be exceptions. Mostly inspirations but there may be things other people thought of. Are you good?

Has anyone else noticed the fox hunters were right? Kewl. They do need controlling. Can we have back that very English image now? I like the redcoats and hounds, they are dramatic. :-)
Also greedy they can see I can't see. Can we get them before they get me? They are getting quite brave, do you see?

21/06/2017 An exceptional and important edit based on new information.
In opposition to the neurological community, I do believe MS is a condition and not a disease. Please discuss, I am a patient I have bias.... I have a venous insuffiency in my left jugular, proved by MRI's in pursuance of CCSVI treatment. I had assumed that the dimissal of CCSVI treatment as a placebo meant that autonomic neuropathy was more likely as how could a placebo work for MS? However the Statins revelation that is proving to be a useful damage limitation tool, has changed my perspective back to venous insuffiency. Statins are a blood thinner. I do suspect that CCSVI theory may need expansion away from just jugular or azygos veins to other important veins too. CCSVI treatment in the form of angioplasty, worked for me for nearly a year, My left jugular as well as being narrowed, is also twisted. This makes placing a stent dangerous and thus reduces my treatment options to blood thinners. I am allergic to Aspirin unfortunately so until Statins trials turn into available tratment I will be eating a lot of turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, cayenne peppers and vitamin E.
I have no doubt however that autonomic neuropathy plays a part, I get worse when things take a negative turn in my life.

I can tell you since I was ten, I never believed I would make it to retirement. I have deliberately never bought a house, had children or arranged a pension for this reason. I wanted out of my stressful job, it didn't pay well and I was tired of Mr & Mrs do you know who I am, blaming me for their lack of knowledge.. My call on the pay, I never liked money. I can also tell you a mind trick lasted about eight weeks until I was served notice on my home. read more I actually believe after further research that many, so many health problems are impacted by autonomic neuropathy! The frustration of enduring a miserable life allow your thoughts to make you ill. Just as thought can make you ill, it can make you better again!! Would you like to be happy? every day happy? Worlds best kept secret: You are ONLY happy sharing!

Why are we building rigid frameworks for moving people? Just think Michelangelo, he was right on the beauty ratio. UNIFYING. The very second we precisely engineer anything is the precise moment the circle of life stops spinning! (Do look here Stephen Hawking, I do believe the ratio is all life.) To explain, I can construct complex models in my head. Models using this ratio die/disintegrate just before perfect. Sound familiar star man?
As a point of humour; Why did the welsh company not commission you to retrieve Wynne Evans from the black hole you sent him through? Only you could :-D he he
PS I am going to add you poignant quote Stephen as there are so many that read it without getting it. "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge." And then suggest people read it at least once a month until they do get it :-)

It won’t be a coke bottle for the archaeologists to wonder. It will be a Xerox unpatented mouse with battery power remaining :-) This man, the father of the Graphical User Interface! Should be more famous than he is!

Why are we following China? Oh yeah, money. We are ahead already, we should be leading them.

Chalk is alkaline, cheese is acid. That's why it works.. What works? One for ya,

We are all engineers, are you fixing or breaking at the moment? bit cheesy I know, but a valid point, too much is broken and not enough people fixing.

Briefly religion: It educated the masses when there was no education, it was useful. Can we stop killing each other over fairy tales now? Any person that has killed or even harmed another person in the name of religion is not religious. That's how it works. What works?

Bi na reeee yipee, yo de lady binary. The thing about packs is they copy.

British rail please do remind embarking passengers to stand clear of alighting ones. We have forgotten, I forgive you the leaves thing. Moving on.. Nothing to see here quickly...? :-[_]

Sexual equality, it is a myth ! Who would want to live in a world where women cared as little as us men? I love my mum.

Time is money or money equals time. Neither statement is actually true. Money is a token for a product or service. Keeping the tokens is greed! Time allows everything to grow. How big will greed get before it all kicks off? The trade tokens that people are keeping, if you keep them we have to print more. That will devalue what you have kept. It is all binary. Resources divided by population equals value. Seeing as the population will grow then the value of resources will go up. It has to end somewhere! How long are we gonna' wait?

Why is the money we are now printing(quantitative easing 08/16) going to banks? Wouldn't logic dictate that public spending on public services would get the money circulating faster? Improve the economics with more qualified, healthy people generating more revenue? At the moment this money can only be spent by those taking on debt! Haven't we been here before? Is this not exactly what got us into this mess in the first place? I have seen politicians explain that monetary policies need to be backed up by fiscal policies. It is my contention it should be the other way around! Fiscal policies should be backed up by monetary policy.

I do have to bring up the useless carrier bag tax. On an average shopping trip, even on a mobility scooter, I am buying enough plastic, in the form of packaging, to supply me for a whole year in carrier bags! I certainly do not understand how the supermarkets got to shirk the responsibility! They want us to have a convenient way to carry our purchases home. Why are they not developing a biodegradable solution? Is the five pence tax going towards developing one? Why are people happy with this flawed logic? How long do you think it will be before the even greater half life bags for life that we are told to buy now, are a problem caused by us consumers?

In memory of Peter Pearce: I do build a better mousetrap Peter, I prefer to live in the woods though, it is more pleasant. I do not want the world to beat a path to my door. I love you, rest in peace my friend. I am certain in your case, it was not Other Bugger's Efforts :-)

I realey like this idea, is it mine; To the BBC, just double the fee, make it voluntry. Legal extortion, we are done with that. actually the Noel Fielding in my head did the tune... iWe love you BBC, stand true.... How many will do, please share?

What is intellectual property? If I make up the word abgsert is it mine or do I need to do research to find out if anybody else ever thought of it? Am I not just stealing it from some unborn child if no one else has thought of it yet. Without meaning is the word real anyway? If we were intellectual, we would know not to own anything at all! I am not a philosopher, I am an investigator. I am an artist, I am bearing my soul. Do you like my sculpture of words? The title has arrived. "N light summit just 'appened".
Abgsert: Demoralise as a group assertively.

You are the pub, the community is the pub. Do not worry about temporary ownership by some brewery. They are simply providing convenience because you are lacking professional experience! Spare a thought for the existing bastions for they are martyrs to spirituality and strive hard. As reward they are put through t' mill at the moment Would you want the job? They are modern day heroes, And the VAT man. Are YOU paying? Have you actually helped maintain your market? Or even considered? Greedy individuals formed breweries jeered on by YOU. have you ever paid enough? I see a lot of people taking. WAKE UP!

My pub's current owners do not think privacy is important because they would not mind being seen down the pub by their nan/uncle/nosey neighbour. You run a pub, think of the people that do not need to be near alcohol for reasons of snobbery. It was busier! I like you both, why make me wait for new owners? Hear me? Secluded garden is lovely in the middle of a busy town, it is beautiful. Whatever their issues, whoever wants beauty? get the people back?

Have an excellent adventure dudes and dudettes. BEST ADVICE: Enjoy everything in moderation, brush your teeth regularly for a longer life. Endeavour to be good, and good will come. Exciting news, we are all self obsessed, how good is that?

Controlled usage is not fatal and abstinence is not eternal life! Do remember the product you are using may reduce control :-} WHERE IS THE LIST SHERLOCK!

It is not politics that is difficult, any fool could do that. It is the being polite about it. (I reckon women, for sure.) Recent news; men are more sentimental than women. As any skilled salesman will tell you, sentiment costs money!

Can we have electronic training grounds for future whizz kids please? All this hacking and hacking prevention is getting silly. If we weaponise servers I am out of the business. Too much violence for secrets. Also can we have a way to report hacking attempts? Their IP addresses are logged with times and dates and how many attempts! They are catchable! I am keeping my logs ready for this, as they are blatant attempts at crime. Speaking of which, search engines must be running spyware on client devices! You can find indexed results that require a login. The only way it could of been indexed is from a client device that has logged in! This is blatantly illegal, a worse crime than VW faking its poison levels. I hope Google build the car before they get caught. :-)

I bet they are relying on people agreeing to loads of text they have not read! This cannot be legal, if it were I would have conjugal rights to anyone's daughters that enters a website I have created!

I think it is a shame the chronic calls of Narnia have been replaced. It always lead somewhere. Bring Backwardrobes, he he

Briefly Syria: Why are we not offering to safely harbour the women and children of the displaced and then training the men to fight for their country back? That sexual equality is a myth thing, I take it no-one wants to send mums into battle?

This sculpture is not complete without broaching the ultimate taboo, sex and paedophilia. The male desire for sex is much huger than the female. We do of course know this hence the tension breaking humour in the statement "birthday's, Christmas and when she wants a wardrobe shifted!" It is regrettable that men will do anything to get their willies wet. We do have honour and integrity when sentiment is overriding our desire for sex. Those suffering mental anguish step over the line and resort to rape! Rape happens all of the time in the animal kingdom, it is instinctual but our greater communications skills provide us with the knowledge that NO ignored is a line we should not cross. Those raping children start doing so as the crossing of the line does not get reported due to fear. Persistent crossing of the line is exactly the same as a serial killer. Getting away with it is exciting to them. Knowledge will conquer this if we deliver education timely. Both newly sexually aware young males and exploitable children should be delivered the right knowledge to end this human desperation. I do believe that controlled, safe prostitution would alleviate those stepping over the line due to mental anguish. Do not blame the Internet for your increased awareness! It has been happening long time, the Internet is simply exposing said rapists as they too are lamers!

To broach another taboo; I am increasingly annoyed by people not speaking English at all well to the point I cannot understand them! This is not racist of me! I really do not care where you come from but if I cannot understand you then you are not included in our society. You are being anti social. This IS normal. Speaking our language clearly should be on you if you want to emmigrate here! I hate the average Brit abroad I have to say, I call them the ketchup brigade as guess what they want with high quality food because it is strange to them? Then they will shout English because speaking English louder will make the other language speaker understand them?!!! Truly EURGH. That same eurgh happens when the foreign accent worker is trying to communicate something to me that I cannot understand. They are not speaking clearly or even coherent under the rules of the English language! How can that be my FAULT?? Your employer interviewed you, that failure they knew. Cheap wages I am guessing? They are then annoyed with me and treat me as some sort of racist because I cannot understand what they are asking! Learn English properly! You are in England after all! This should be properly discussed, if you are here to live in England then English should be your first language. Simple.

Not being autistic about things is NOT an option, Modern apology time, sorry if that pisses you off. To pun on an image easily found on the net, I am a cat, not a defective dog! I am aware I am intense, but it is your tense I am in! Now wake up and share all you know with everyone and do not let anyone go cold or hungry. Greed is a chain reaction, money is not adequate at controlling it. It is assisting! All the mega greedy, arms dealers, terrorists and those breaking bad included, have money, cold hard cash stashed away! If we scrap it and do not accept it, the terrorists cannot buy guns and kill people! Wake up and start sharing! It really is the world's best kept secret!

That's the world sorted. Bored, bored, bored, bored. BORED. Can I look after you now princess? I have fixed the world now. It is saved. I am tired of being self obsessed. I would like your father to know you have a good man to care for you. How pompous of me? Besides you know how this works, by looking after you I am looking after me. Yipee :-) How do I look after myself with no-one to look after? Does nobody want a genius because they don't match the handbag? I know I should be saving it for HIM, just lonely...

I forgot addiction, do get over it if it breaks the rules. the three earlier You know you can. I do not have tolerance for non physical addictions, Chinese chemical shit, marijuana and gambling for example. It is simply your greed! Yes I agree the over greed is caused by a lack of care. If you want to help mankind then stop bleating and improve, as best you can. Care!

I found it Douglas! The question is "How many questions will I need answered?" Took me a year after becoming the answer to life, the universe and everything. My last two questions now, that I do not know the answer to yet. Is my death an art or just my life was? Is it Ok?

HEAR ALL YE THAT WOULD LISTEN; (I've got something to say, and it's not discreet)
I am not ashamed to die a pauper, for I am rich in souls.

Do you know why rock and blues is so good? Because it is simple, Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants thank you Patrick. Why am I dying alone in a bedsit at 43? So much more could of been made of me. Why did you not, diagnose me? (Could of been fixed at age ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen or fifteen!) Homeless after that.

I made me I am proud to say, yet somewhere I have gone astray. Am I lost or just too found? Is it just that comms are down? Why am I only needed for computers, why can I not, remove this frown? Why did you make me, make I?

Cutty has lost patience with Greg. I didn't drive a car through her house. It is a shame the word inevitable exists... Competence they've got it in for me. With minimal words* I hope you can see, just what it is, autism has done to me. Why do other peoples lessons need to be felt by me, If I don't feel it for them, what becomes of thee.

Was Cutty an addiction? In that their knowledge, there is value. Please share.

I have to fight for myself, them there rules. If I actually were to do that I would be a dictator. Can't, bye. To my two last questions I have found my answers; It was just my life to me, yes.

* No longer minimal words, I am a drama queen! I am autistic after all, still, mustn’t grumble A? Besides these spiritual things do take time, all these sanities to save, no one hears me, oh no. I stand up to all those who say shrubbery, all the bunnies with sharp pointy teeth. Did I mention I was bored? He's mad sir I am not flipping the coyn. just come and see all the oppression you are doing to you. Thanks to all inspiration. I definitely aint lying.

The tragedy is of course all these 0's and 1's going round and round. can be summarised quite easily see the top of Page one The world is very cold, alone. For another rinse through, Page 2.

Computers are just adding machines, hence logo. The knowledge equated is ours! IT should be called Knowledge Technology.

Why do people sneer when I do not know this tiny part of their system yet? It is my in query. And why on earth do we call civilian workers, servants? It's not helping them. Especially the nice ones.

I do hope the Americans are not stupid enough to elect someone to power inciting religious hatred. Successfully greedy does, as he proves, not mean intelligence. Democracy always comes down to two choices, in America for instance, they currently have a choice of a man who says shrubbery(wall) or a bunny with sharp pointy teeth. Democracy is not truly to blame for this. Testosterone is! You all like to win, heaven forbid we vote for a candidate that might not win. If you voted for good policies, all of you. Real change would happen. Ignore your desire to have voted for the winner and vote with hard thought reason. You will improve not only your own life but everyone elses! Even if the party you voted for did not win, the front running parties would take notice of the huge mandate for the policies voted for in large numbers and change their own policies! Think! You, yes you alone can change the world.

People kill others to show others how mean they have been to them. True irony don't you think, you won.

Speaking of irony, have you noticed the person about to relay incorrect information quite frequently starts their sentence with the term; "I don't think..." :-D

Can we have home agreements? I am too sick, too tired. To be kept moving along. I haven't been homeless for ages now but still I just get moved on. It is unfair. I do not want to collect money, so past a lottery win I am not buying!

Briefly, customer reviews. Not allowed to leave negative feedback unless you have let the seller try to bribe you first! They are useless now! Same lies as before reviews.

We are not free, we are all living as directed. Just the directions could do with being clearer. I assume they are not clear because greedy people would lose the opportunity to make money from illumination. The world is very wrong!

Why whenever I put news24 on to see the news, it is travel, sport or some other feature. Not the News! Why is it so dedicated? I only want to watch the news, is there something else I should be learning.

You know you have days when everything goes wrong? it is perceptual, I have checked dozens of times. You are only unhappy if you are unhappy at the time.

Thank you all involved in House MD but especially Hugh Laurie's portrayal, I don't care you don’t remember the words, :-) bit cheerier on the music? This programme was directly responsible for my discovery of autonomic neuropathy, and now hopefully mankind's rescue from this condition that is quite possibly responsible for around fifty percent of the worlds health problems! Fossil fuels, chemical pollutants, age, physical injury and pesky viruses the rest. For clarity, predatory life forms including bacteria and of course excess as opposed to moderation.

I have name dropped a bit, search engines like that whets flaming what's not. I also wanted to credit inspiration. that reminds me, do learn our language if you are to use it, they are our words; there are very few trolls but a lot of flamers, don’t be fwit end users. Lamers with an F on the front are angry. Guess what the F stands for? Trolls are professional angries that wait for their prey in dark places. No dark places on Twitter! There are only ever two answers for any decisive question, if the answer is not yes or no, the decision has not been made, they're stalling for time. Do I have it to spare?

Binary, yes or no, what'll you do if you win? paaart A, what'll do if you lose? Party harder. Say what Dre. Thought I'd share...

When two people are alone they really talk. If there is a witness they hide.
Can I ask the whole pack to admit we got it wrong? Well, I can ask at least. Mud washes off. Eggs too :-)
at least we abolished stocks eh? Shares too?

Capitalism: cheapening areas of excellence! Wake up.

Why do you have to make things so complicated: consisting of many interconnecting parts or elements; intricate.

Chill out, what you yellin' for? Lay back, it's all been done before
And if you could only let it be, you will see, I like you the way you are
When we're drivin' in your car. And you're talking to me one on one.
But you've become...
Somebody else around everyone else. You're watching your back like you can't relax.
You're tryin' to be cool. You look like a fool... to me.
Tell me that order of words is obviously Avril Lavigne (One of life’s exceptions, she is :-)
Why do you have to go and make things so complicated? All of you think why are we. It is simple, blah, blah, blah, Cue Hugh..

By example of over complicating, you are currently debating advertised broadband speeds and making changes to laws etc. Why do you not just improve the network? It is needed. Speed will become unimportant, no need for laws. I thought you did not like wasting money? I know you foolishly ignore the length of time for anything but we do want to be world leaders? Gigabit WAN people! Please compulsory buy back the peoples network that Thatcher wrongly sold to a private company! They do not have the peoples interest at heart. They have their wallets as core desire! They are even doing that badly! It is much easier to run a new cable if one exists already, no property that already has a phone should be without the Internet! Fast Internet. Richard could do a better job. Not that I want it privatised in ANY way.

I do not know how to wait. I never have, binary you see. It is either yes or no. Make the decision, I wanna' get on.

For me it was yes from the start, I am telling you, me miss moneypenny, straight from my heart, it is yes from me, you too? please, do impart?


I am a flippin' hippy that can no longer see rainbows!
They called us soap dodgers, endearing.
'twas cold, it was the O's, n' farmers, we all be a dodgin'.

Our rebellious nature, kept free music alive, most proud.
Although it sponsored Thatcher to bring about changes to the law.
Our justice was fun and joy and music quite loud.
Criminal justice for music lovers? Disputable Thatcher, for sure.


It is a hard knocks life.


Seeing as tomoroow the new American president elect takes power can I request that controls are put in place to not just trample over the warnings provided in the book of revelations? That this can never happen again? I am not religious but the warnings issued in this book are being ignored. America's Tony Blair has been elected to power inciting religious hatred! We have tonnes of nuclear waste ditched in the sea waiting to kill all the fish, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I do not wish to engage in religious hatred myself by discussing this stuff at length but just one spoke of a wheel being missing leads to its failure to continue. It seems ridiculous to me that someone can be elected to power inciting religious hatred. In this day and age? surely not?
Shame on mankind that this is even possible.

Have an excellent adventure dudes and dudettes. Endeavour to be good and good will come...

We do indeed live in strange times, we have our own media creating the news. It is after all our own media, led by the BBC, that is undermining our national interest and insisting our own government shows its hand before negotiations have even started over Brexit. The same news agencies are selective and are not reporting atrocities commited by our allies. America's leader is bringing back torture to fight the animal terrorism they created. Torturing prisoners makes you the bad guys America and will lead to a ramp up of terrorist activity. What do I know? Wtch this space.
Banks have conveniently forgotten their core business model, keeping our money safe. They are telling people that are scammed by being tricked into transferring money into criminals acccounts that there is nothing they can do! Transfers of finance from one sort code/account number to the other should be covered by consumer protection. The transaction is after all completely traceable. Any account suspected of crime can be frozen immediately a complaint is raised until an investigation is complete. I am keenly awaiting challenger banks to launch offering said protection.
In a short sighted attempt to win back the young voters they betrayed over student fees. The Lib Dems are ignoring the concept of market share and are attempting to frustrate democracy by opposing Brexit. I was a Lib Dem voter as I wish to see an end to two party politics, this attempt has lost them my vote and most likely the vote of anyone that voted leave. The young people that voted remain did so because of worry over economic downturn. Once they see that the economy will adapt and thrive under our own control they will be glad we left the extra bureaucracy and see through the Lib Dem myopia. They will lose them as voters too. Political suicide.
We are proud that rolling 1.7 million killer combustion engines off the production line means our GDP will look good later today. Combustion engines are responsible for the worlds physical health problems and quite likely mental health too. Oil is killing us, greed is killing us! Greed started terrorism.
The gap between rich and poor is widening even though this is bad for our economies. Money needs to move all of the time. Without the poor spending their hard earned crumbs the economy would collapse. Pay people fairly and our economies will prosper. It is not rocket science! Come to think of it, it is not even GCSE science. Start sharing knowledge and pay people fairly. If we ignore this things will get worse.

As healthcare is going to be discussed fully this week on the BBC, I wish to add my two, one hundreths of a dollars worth of information.

I agree with the bloke that appeared on BBC news, I did not record your name dude, sorry. Healthcare should be granted the same priority, if not higher, as defence spending and should receive a dedicated percentage of GDP. Everything really is simple. Wake up people? There is no point having a coughing, wheezing defence personnel after all.

In English please?
The word says is not pronounced saize, when did you change your pronounciation?
I can prove that proven is pronounced as you naturally read. Not pronounced as two seperate words pro ven, again when did you change?
Sclerosis is pronounced sclerosis, not sklerosis. Have I made my point? I can tell you even when you changed to pomposity. If you keep up with current affairs then 2007, else 2008-2009 as an average learner. I noticed a huge influx of lesser learners in 2010.

This comment is not meant as micro racism to anyone else than us English, and our silly English k-ni-gots :-)

Broaching the Scotland/Great Britain relationship conundrum from an English point of view; Us English are quite endeared by the harsh living conditions that see you proud to wave your SNP'ness around. Get real though? You benefit from a slice of our combined GDP that sees you with more per head due to harsh and rural conditions. Do you really think you will flourish without it? Do you think the trade organisation called Europe would be preferentially kind to you if you were to leave the safety of our family? A harsh phrase we have all heard as young children springs to mind. I hope you are wise enough to hear it repeated and understand the sentiment that drives it. "Piss, or get off the pot."

The speaker of the house with a breach of protocol and a political opinion? With his reputation? :-D

I like many ASD sufferers like words, dual meaning and whole language included.

Has the speaker of the house embarked on a journey into deep Trump territory without an essential paddle? :-D he he
Good job you do not both drink in the same pub else I would be sensing a barring a coming. :-)

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate and agree with the breach of protocol. Especialy, respect of a judiciary that can only be changed by law rather than undermined by chirpy, chirpy, cheap tweets. But just as the give it to me Internet Protocol did not function correctly without the benefit of lavish American defence budgets that created Transmission Control Protocol. The whole of all elements of protocol should be considered carefully by any wise man. Have you noticed you now have no control over transmission John? You could learn a lot from TCP/IP. :-)

On a topical note, IP alone led to corrupted data, fake news, alternative facts. Unusable incorrect data. Transmission control provided reliability. The result of all these 0's and 1's going round and round.....

I knew mankind was stupid and that I was seemingly more astute. I did not perceive however that the whole of mankind was as stupid as I knew the majority was. I wanted to warn Theresa when she went to see Trump, to not stroke his ego and stand aloof. As I am not a resident of the political boundary of Sonning, there are protocols I would of been in breach of to do so. Damn.
I actually liked Theresa even though as a poor boy, I am not a natural Tory voter. Bye Theresa, sorry. man sells his soul, all ends badly of course, these things usually do. Jeremy is too far left for us Brits of course, so he is unelectable. Who we gonna vote for now?
UK order is disrupted, we vote Tory when we want a clever firm hand and Labour to chastise the Tories when they are too harsh. Who we gonna' vote for now? Can't be Nigel's party, he backed the wrong team! He backed the team that will take America years to recover from. "And avoid, like the plague. Loud mouthed wannabe's. In it to be a face, to be a name. They don't mean to mess up, they just do." The Green party should be opposition of course, who do we vote to lead our great nation? Resurrect the Respect party or reshuffle the Tories? There is a wide gap in the market now, any takers?

Mankind likes to believe we learn from past lessons, I am not seeing that as true. Like the Tram that derailed after local residents had expressed concerns over speeding on that line! We do need to understand that freedom of information is here and there are no examples in history to learn about the new future. No amount of university education can teach you about things that were not even possible back in your student days. Please wake up everyone, the only way we can learn lessons is to stay learning your whole life. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Learn, learn and learn some more. Now, now, now. Historical politics cannot teach you about future politics, you have a duty! Rise to it, do you think the Queen has stopped learning after formal education? Learn from her example. She has to know these things when she is a queen :-)

I feel it important to say I have not and will not sign any petition agianst the presidents visit. I will also not be engaging in any protest against America`s choice of leader. I understand why they chose him and we have very recent proof that he is not above an independant judiciary. I do hope Barack was right when he said words to the effect of the office maketh the man but I would salute him in service of my country if it was apposite to do so. He could be right about the media, let us judge him by action now he holds a respected office. On the weird Queen watching you play with little balls fantasy dude, we`ll set Charles on you :-D he he

I wholeheartedly agree Theresa, it ruins and even ends many lives. The problem is, it is treated as one by all involved.
You must be aware that business is unfairly paying its staff? Poverty is bad for business too, bad for income tax revenue as well as for the staff that become victims. Why are politicians not telling businesses this is an unacceptable failure? Why has the trade organisation called Europe not imposed an EU wide minimal wage?
Oh Yeah, competition. Competition is a game. Wake up.

The peasants may be revolting but they have the Internet now and everything. The peasants are learning. This revolution will see the peasants bring a government with them. A government that will rank the lives of people over money. A government that will be pro business but only endorsing the businesseses that are fair to people. Game over.

You volunteered this game Theresa, I wish you had not.

Did you forget that the Tories have been too harsh? As a sick and disabled person I am acutely aware. The appearance on The One Show was a nail in the coffin, people do not like a brow beaten husband. As a high testosterone leader, you need a brow beaten husband. You should have left him at home. Fortunately Jeremy is too far left else it would have been a Labour whitewash. At least you are spared the pain of the slow bullet that is the US presidential visit. I guess we need another election now!

What another one? :-D

Not another election then. Theresa is going to damage her fingernails clinging on to the slate roof she is sliding down. To pun on Doctor Who's career ending line; she is going to get very tired. :-D It would of course be political suicide to be the leader before October has passed, your position is safe for now. :-)

I do salute you Theresa, most hard job and time to do it. My only words of wisdom are just [radio edit] :-)

A loss is a loss! It was labour's election to lose and lose it they did. Can we have a mid left democratic Labour party back now?

No matter you take the OBR numbers of two points per pound invested. If the investment is for things that are unwanted, or poorly planned, then the investment turns into an outright cost with zero return. You may have won the student vote with the offer of scrapping university fees but we live in harsh capitalism and its associated expenses. Labour's manifesto does not cost their spending without calling the costs investment.

Those of us that are old enough to remember a nationalised rail system, do not want a return to the terrible service. we operate rail fanchises issued under license. Make the license conditions tougher. The breach of the disability discrimination act that is causing strikes, driver only operated trains, should not be possibly happening. We could write that in to the license Labour, mid left.

I appreciate that Tony dragging the party too far right to the centre, has caused the hard left rebellion. It is however time to wake up now. Trade unions and students can not win a general election thankfully.

I wish to highlight to the young and unaware the importance of taking back Britain. In 1973 we entrenched our membership of a club, this club was called the European Economic Community. When we joined it was the pre Yuppie era when an awareness of the impact of economic collaboration was prevalent. In 1993 this club changed its name to the European Union. The primary aim of the club changed to include a projection of strength and unity at a time of military uncertainty in the eco system of war. I am over simplyfying but the more integrated the club became the more shares in Great Britain PLC we handed over to a parent company called the European Union. The EU is now making decisions that are adversely impacting not just our wealth, but our culture too. If you are young you will not have witnessed a tolerance of queues as this has been eroded by personal greed. Was free movement of people to blame? Not solely but it has had an obvious effect.
Humans are greedy by force of nature, it stands to reason that migrants would choose to travel to the countries that have the highest standards of living. Would not you? The trouble we have with this is we sacrificed to make Britain great, immigration means we have to share the rewards of our sacrifices with those who did not contribute. This natural emotion has lead to a culture of "you're not worth it." This culture has been grown by the nature of capitalism and competition which, when added to the strain placed on struggling public services has become undesirable and harder to endure. We aspire to making our childrens lives easier but as a young person you are probably quite aware that you will not have the oppurtunity to earn even as much as your parents did, let alone more. The cost of living will go up regardless.
By taking back Great Britain PLC we will be free to make changes at government level without agreement from twenty seven other governments that have their own interests at heart, not ours. Apart from benefitting from the extra speed of efficiency of a single government, we will be free to regulate businesses that are feverishly engaged in a race to the bottom that the club, merely by existence, encourages. Business does not like change as they feel unable to predict and guarantee return on investment. This is quite normal and has lead to those in charge of businesses to warn against Brexit as the changes will lead to short term uncertainty. It is however short sighted as clever people know the value of quality. Our economy will flourish once we decide the rules that will bring about quality of goods and services, and of course the salaries of those working in these quality areas. If the product is worth more, those producing it can be paid more. We will quite happily leave the trade organisation called Europe behind to learn from our example. We will be bowing out of a race to the bottom.
Politicians did not tell you this as they thought you would not understand, we have the Internet now and everything. Politicians are yet to understand the full impact of freedom of information. They like you, will learn, mark my words.

The job of projecting strength and unity can only be fulfilled by organisations that have no interest in trade. This places the responsibility clearly in the hands of the organisation that was formed for this job, NATO. With the backup of the UN's peacekeeping role, NATO is the mandated organisation that I and many others believe will bring about world peace and global collaboration.
The trade organisation called Europe is just a trade organisation. That is why the corporate board is threatening heavy costs for our exit. Just as a parent company would they are saying if we want to leave it will cost us. Ignore this however, it is posturing for a bargaining position as we actually have a stronger hand as one of its wealthiest members.
I am passionate about the choice to leave as we are seeing an extreme degradation in the standards of living for all. This is encouraged by the pro business rules of EU membership. Rules that see the businesses that pay their staff the least profit the most. In work benefits did not exist before, they should not exist now. We used to pay people that are in work enough to not need benefits, in work benefits and income tax free salaries are the reason we are borrowing at public level. If we paid everyone fairly income tax would give us a surplus in the budget. Giving people a fair wage gives them money to spend, vital for the buoyancy of the economy and growth.
Health benefits too. If people are paid fairly they are proud, if they are proud they not only do the job they are proud of better, they are proud of their existence. Pride in existence leads to happiness, would you like to be happy? Truly happy? Every day happy? I repeat, worlds best kept secret? You are ONLY happy sharing, it's a pack thing.
Happiness leads to love.

I have to say that I have no sympathy for the remoaning businesses that are dependant on exploitative salaries. EU policies are responsible for this, it is a huge driver behind the Brexit vote. Yes we need jobs but these jobs need to support a high standard of living. Our shared standard of living has declined way too much. It is costing us dearly. Business will adapt to inevitable change. Any businesses that are not charging enough for their product can look forward to no further competition from other British companies utilising the EU's race to the bottom. The playing field is being levelled is all. Fresh local produce is superior, living on an island it is easy to spot the produce that is not fresh. Boat or aeroplane, if it has been on one, it is not fresh. The Union flag used to mean high quality. We want that back now.

The labour market is supposed to be championed by the political party whose very name suggests they should be doing.
The Labour party should have been pro Brexit.

I am suspicious of the seven billion pound loss reported by RBS. Before the turn of the century I used to work for a pretend corporate that played with reported losses to profit.
The company I was working for was bailed out by RBS due to financial troubles. The bail out saw RBS own the company just as we, the public now own RBS. In this year that the bank owned the company, a high profile managing director was employed with upbeat messages of him turning the company around. The staff were peer pressured into joining a profit related pay scheme. When I say pressured I mean I was the only member of staff out of around sixty that did not join it. So even the staff that could of done with not handing over part of their salary, joined.
During this year I was phoned by a member of warehouse staff to be told that everybodies salaries were published in a spreadsheet located in a folder that everyone had access to on the network. I was the network administrator.
On investigation I quickly realised this and other incriminating documents were dumped there by our new managing director so I went to see him to find out how the now removed documents ended up there. It was an fwit end user issue. I had created him a batch file to back up his documents to his private folder on the network, he decided it was tedious to endure one extra double click and moved the batch file to the parent publicly accessible folder.
One of the many incriminating documents was a document outlining a bonus scheme for all directors if they could prove a loss this year. Apart from cheating all the staff pressured into joining the profit related pay scheme, at the end of the financial year it enabled the company owner to buy back the company from RBS for just one pound.
Is RBS doing this to us, the public? I strongly suspect it is. The world is very wrong.

More lies, bored...

If we actually knew what caused cancer we would have an inoculation developed already. Healthcare should not be using anecdotal evidence! I repeat an obvious statement; There are three kinds of lies. Lies, damn lies and statistics. With statistical, anecdotal evidence we could prove the number forty two, the answer to life, the universe and everything, causes cancer.

Do you know the most dangerous thing we consume past the poisons that cause innebriation and oil? Oxygen.

It was a scandal when it was revealed the interbank lending rate was being fixed. Why does this sense of scandal not come forward for price fixing in other industries?

OPEC are price fixing oil, this increases the cost of energy in our homes and the price you are paying at the fuel pump for your transport. Why was LIBOR rate fixing a scandal but OPEC doing the same, fine?

As with any investigation, follow the money! Both recorded and unrecorded transactions, lifestyles, assets etc. Following the money leads to a small group of greedy individuals exploiting their position. Cash is a massive problem we should correct.

It could be argued that this was an irresponsible message for The X Files to promote. Seeing as it was just a collection of engaging, fictional stories, we'll let them off shall we?
Out there is only the complexities of nature and the imposition of others perceptions with manipulated lies.
The truth is within you. Only your perception is true to you.

Power orientated philosophers and philosophies are wrong. Power is not mankinds greatest desire. Serendipity is. Power and the desire for power, leads you to believe that you can plan serendipity, you cannot.

Serendipity: The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.