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I cannot attempt to document autism and pacify the world, without discussing football. Here in the UK it is the traditional method of keeping the masses appeased, controlling testosterone. Every nation has it's own national sport that functions the same way.
Testosterone has been essential to our survival, and football is the bath load in which non autistic males love immersing themselves in. The trouble with testosterone is that it is inherently selfish. "We have the instinct of all life, to choke our neighbour to ensure our own survival!" You should not at all be suprised that autistics hate it! It is the obvious every thing wrong!!! Testosterone that is! says me, final... :-D

I know this page is going to alienate the generals and colonels of the pack at first glance but to you I emplore, please do think about it, please? There's loads of you now and you all like winning. Lots of smaller sports are needed, and need the funds.

Who can beat who up! Why are we not rising above this? I wish you people would stop pretending not to see the horror and death...

I am seriously bored of hearing that a GAME people have trained to win is an outstanding achievement, what was achieved? Oh yeah, you won a game! Testosterone and greed(money) combined eurgh!

I see the French authorities are doing a bad job of APPEASING the masses! I can tell you how to control testosterone if you like? Involve it in competition. Engage it!


I can confirm through observation, that the ratio of ring finger to forefinger is correct as a measure of testorone level. In both males and females if your ring finger is longer than your forefinger, you are high testosterone. If they are the same length then as a male you are low testosterone as a female you are high testosterone. The theory highlights that it is relevant to how much testosterone or estrogen you were exposed to in the womb. High testosterone males or females are good leaders as we instinctively look up to them. It also effects fertility, high testosterone males are more fertile and low testorone females are more fertile. Testosterone is responsible for male/female inequalities as we currently perceive, we should of course past salary and oppurtunity, be celebrating the differences and not even attempting to equalise them. Attempting to equalise the difference is true sexism. Unsurprisingly there are less high testosterone women than there are men.
I am aware mankind does not want to believe that testosterone is important but it really is. We have all been exposed to the hard man that silences a room by presence alone, look at their fingers. He has a considerably longer ring finger than his forefinger. To the same end look at the fingers of a very feminine female, her forefinger is longer than her ring finger.
Raise a glass and you are exposing me to your testosterone level. I do believe that both non autistics and autistics as of yet unaware, are registering this information subconsciously.