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Ban Cars Smoking

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Submitted by jarrod on Mon, 04/01/2016 - 15:34

I wish to raise awareness of the ludicrousness of the smoking ban. Talk about misguided priorities.

We have daily mail readers* driving around in open exhausted combustion engines, quite literally killing everyone. Looking down their noses at people burning a plant as if we are killing them!
Most of the evidence regarding the harm smoking causes is statistical!! Guess what else became popular at the time smoking did? The combustion engine of course. I do not care that supposedly intelligent people such as GP's are blindly following NICE guidelines without challenge. I can smell, I can taste, oil is killing me... AND YOU.

Another statistical fact, people that are harming themselves by self destructive thought or excess, smoke! The plant is not responsible! Smokers not harming themselves live longer, FACT! We do know this. Wake up!

Passive smoking: A way to explain the anomaly in their data. How can all these non smokers be affected? Must of been exposed to other smokers... Ask yourself this. Do you think that parents in the numbers required, at the levels required, are irresponsible enough to expose their children? How are all these children asthmatic?

If I have no cigarettes for two days I am swamped by the choking stickiness of oil based fumes. It taints everything I consume, We are ingesting a lot of oil. The reason for the skewed priorities must be money, it is the only reason we let people die. Filtered exhausts at this stage of our technological capabilities is not a big ask. (Shall I design one?) Stop blaming the lower classes that are smoking to endure the hardships. Take responsibility and step up! Cars are killing people in huge numbers, cigarettes are only killing excessive smokers. Please wake up?

Your boxed thinking is going to ban fossil fuel emissions for climate reasons as opposed to health reason. Back door or not, the emissions will go, hopefully soon :-)

An added unkindness, would you give up smoking if you were terminally ill anyway? Most likely not. We have just put lots of sick people out in the cold thanks to the ban! Directly exposed to the real poison! Can we stop pretending not to see the horror and death? Can we at least try not to compound the misery? Let the sick people be warm and breathing quality air? Homes were exempted from the ban by the learned house of lords for good reason! The poorest are denied this exemption by greedy capitalists that are not learned! To save them decoration costs! Under the justification/unmindfulness of cheaper insurance of course! How cheap is that insurance if the fire was started by a cigarette or unattended candle? Do you have voluntary agreements to restrict the freedoms of your tenannts? They will not pay out! It is why the insurance is cheaper, the opportunity for the insurance company to limit liability. A wise protagonist once asked; "Can we all please just stop being dicks?" Adam Hills, 2012 I am still waiting... :-D

If anyone else feels strongly about this please contact me and we can plan some campaign action or even get an exhaust filter design underway...

Please do feel free to leave comments no matter which side of the fence you are.

*Apologies daily mail readers. Comedians besmirched you, the language is useful.