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Welcome to reliable technology

When it comes to information technology it is imperative the information in question is not only correct but delivered timely. To this end, reliability truly is the ''be all and end all''. Planning is most often overlooked in a desire to have the newest technologies now and/or save money and this fatal oversight will bring about spiraling costs and possibly even production downtime.

Reliatec collaboration client

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Submitted by jarrod on Sat, 05/03/2016 - 23:28

Due to Microsoft making it inconvenient to use Outlook with any other mailserver than MS Exchange, and Mozilla ignoring my requests to further develop Thunderbird. I have decided to develop my own. RCC will be highly compatible and will work with any server, including MS Exchange but importantly it will not be restricted if your mail server happens to be an IMAP or POP3 server made by anyone else. It will include CalDAV and CardDAV for access to server side calendar and contacts and it will also be Open LDAP compatible.

I do believe MS is a venous insufficieny compounded by an autonomic neuropathy.

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Submitted by jarrod on Mon, 15/02/2016 - 19:10

Or is it just me? I have not had 15-25 years medical training. The MS is apparent even to my untrained eye on an MRI. I had no real knowledge of MS prior to symptoms.
I can tell you since I was ten, I never believed I would make it to retirement. I have deliberately never bought a house, had children or arranged a pension for this reason.
I should add here that witnessing pension schemes being ripped off my whole life did not inspire confidence in a pension anyway!

Linear conversations are for wimps :-)

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Submitted by jarrod on Sun, 24/01/2016 - 00:30

People do ask me where I stand on the Queen. I say I don't of course. Polite
These words are only here for Jeremy? I do bow to honour as best I can. MS

How hard is yes or no. Can we just learn both? You really can't always get what you want. Is being polite missing out on the necessary teaspoon of cement for you to harden up? Do save your sympathy for your own devil. Make HIM lonely. K-ni-gots? Knights! Have some reverence you bastards. I know which packs my right from birth do honour and shine. For we are shamed people, hands up, fair cop. We are always forever noble souls. Would you prefer your fridge to say it is not a step? Or controlled by the power grid of bureaucracy from a trade organisation that lured us with a promise of minimal bureaucracy. We do remember us elephants. I do not believe in patriotism as a moral, that would be unprofessional of me.
But the greatest...


Wake UP

And start sharing...

The simplest three secrets we should all know:

1 You are ONLY happy sharing, it's a pack thing.
2 Harm to others is harm to oneself.
3 Education would not only make us all aware of the first two secrets. It will improve the lives of everyone on the planet!

I am autistic, I have awoken.

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Submitted by jarrod on Mon, 04/01/2016 - 14:52
    publish time important

This stuff is happening to me all of the time over and over! I am still alive, between you and me I always survive a fall. Sherlock is taller than Moriarti. If it comes down to hand to hand combat, a duel, Shorty is water bound for certain! :-D

To fans of the lonely island: I'm on a boat :-D he he

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